The Georgian Penitentiary System elected among countries with best practices in TB prevention and management
The Report “Good Practices in the Prevention and Care of Tuberculosis and Drug-resistant Tuberculosis in Correctional Facilities” published by the regional office of the World Health Organization in Europe named Georgia among the countries with the best practices in prevention and management of tuberculosis.

According to the report, TB prevention and management is successfully carried out in the Georgian prison system. New cases of tuberculosis have significantly decreased as a result of the carried out reforms and preventive measures. According to 2011 data, 1169 registered and 797 new cases of the disease were reported. As for 2017 - 79 registered and 45 new cases were informed.

The report as mentioned earlier presented two directions. On the one hand - reforms implemented for the development of universal health care policy in the prison system and improvement of TB prevention and management; On the other side - providing the equivalent medical services for TB victims and maintaining the continuity of treatment both in the penitentiary system and the civil sector.

It should be noted that no TB-related death cases were witnessed in the penitentiary system of Georgia in recent years.

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