Kakha Kakhishvili presented plans for the Ministry of Corrections to MPs
Minister of Corrections Kakha Kakhishvili spoke about plans and implemented reforms of the prison system at the joint sitting of the Parliamentary Committees within the frameworks of consideration of the trust of the Government of Georgia.

According to Kakha Kakhishvili, the Ministry of Corrections has transformed from isolation system to the rehabilitation one. The development strategy was introduced that at one hand serves for the protection of human rights and on the other hand provides security of regime conditions. Mr. Kakhishvili also noted that the penal system continues to develop and still executes innovative projects.

The minister introduced a new initiative to deputies that aims to encourage inmates’ employment and offers the reduction of a sentence as an exchange. He also emphasized the current employment possibilities at penitentiary facilities.

“The employment program is the crucial issue in the prison system. We have to offer an alternative to prisoners serving at Georgia Penal System. One such alternative is the education including both higher and professional ones. Another option is employment. Therefore, we are constantly trying to create job opportunities with the help of the government. We already have 600 employed inmates, with paid jobs” – noted the Minister.

Moreover, Mr. Kakhishvili said that in accordance to legislative changes adopted in 2017 many unprecedented novelties are planned to be executed, such as the new type facility preparing inmates for their release; House arrest for adult prisoners as well as the opportunity to receive a higher education distantly while serving a sentence.

“Inmates with one year remaining sentence period will be placed in the facility that will prepare them for their release. These prisoners will have an opportunity to acquire a profession. Besides, they will be allowed to leave the facility for a short period. We also offer the distant higher education program to inmates that will support their integration back to the society” – said Kakha Kakhishvili.

The minister also noted that convicts classification program is still ongoing that identifies a prisoner’s risk and places to an appropriate facility. Prisoner risk types are – low, medium, increased and high.

The deputies positively assessed the Ministry’s reforms and supported new initiatives.

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