Inmates’ sentences will be reduced in exchange for their employment
The Ministry of Corrections is planning to implement an unprecedented project to support convicts’ employment. A new initiative was introduced by Minister of Corrections Kakha Kakhishvili at united Parliamentary Committee Sitting, which also discussed topics such as the issue of confidence in the Georgian government.

According to Kakha Kakhishvili, the Ministry is working on a new mechanism, which envisages the reduction of prisoners’ penalties in exchange for their employment.

“This will be a revolutionary legislative amendment, that will be implemented in 2018 and reduce the sentence for a prisoner. If an inmate works for 1 day – the sentence will be lessened by 1 day as well. Convicts will have an opportunity to work and diminish their sentences at the same time with the appropriate formula. This will be a stimulus for them to think of their employment, reduce their sentence and stop thinking about criminal mentality and laws. We should offer inmates’ an alternate way to liberate them from a criminal influence.” – said the Minister and noted that employment of convicts is a fundamental issue.

The specific project that will cover all details, for example, which category detainees will be considered in this novelty, their engagement procedure and etc. will be introduced in the near future. The Ministry is working with the involvement of international donor organizations on the following subject and studying other countries’ experiences and best practices in this regard.

In parallel, new business promotion programs will be introduced to create new jobs and enterprises in penitentiary establishments.

Many job opportunities exist in correctional institutions at the moment. Enterprises, bakeries, sewing-shops and wood factories, are operating. Prisoners are also involved in agricultural work and get paid. Moreover, inmates are engaged in individual activities in prisons with microbusiness status. Handmade items produced by convicts are sold via online store The amount received from the sales is transferred to their personal bank account.

Inmates’ employment is one of the main priorities for the Ministry that supports convicts' rehabilitation, resocialization as well as prevention of a repeated crime.

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