Professional Culinary program has launched for inmates
Professional Culinary Art-Course started at N16 Low-risk Penitentiary Facility. Twenty inmates will cover the following course in the frameworks of the program. The session will last for six months, and inmates will receive certificates after the successful completion. The professional Culinary Course will be executed by the Professional College “Icarus” and financed by the US Embassy.
Deputy Minister of Corrections Zviad Mikhanashvili, Deputy Chief of Mission Elisabeth Rood and Head of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Michael Mcmahon attended the event.

Deputy Minister of Corrections Zviad Mikhanashvili thanked representatives of the US embassy and INL for supporting the professional culinary course.

“The Ministry’s main priority remains inmates’ employment in penitentiary facilities. We launched the culinary course for the second time at N16 prison. About 20 inmates completed the course previously. The professional education contributes to inmates’ employment after their release and decreases the number of the repeated crime” – said Zviad Mikhanashvili.

Deputy Chief of Mission Elisabeth Rood emphasized the importance of executing similar projects in penitentiary facilities.

“The United States Embassy has been supporting reforms in the Penitentiary Institutions of the Ministry of Corrections for five years already. The Culinary Courses are one of the successful programs that will support inmates to develop necessary skills for employment. It was a pleasant surprise for us when the ambassador of the United States saw a former convict and graduate of this program employed at one of the prestigious restaurants. This in itself indicates to the success of the following program”- said Elizabeth Rudd.

The fabulous cook Manuel will lead the course, who will teach inmates to prepare different dishes, proper skills to work in the kitchen and specifics. The appropriate space, equipped with modern inventory and techniques is already arranged at N16 prison, with the support of the US Embassy to Georgia and INL for the full and the efficient execution of the program.

The culinary art-course has launched for the second time at N16 Penitentiary facility. 19 inmates have successfully covered the following program, and the employment precedent has occurred after leaving the institution.

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